MRM Engraving

These are unretouched shots of a rifle I engraved in 2001-2003. It is entirely done in flush inlaid 24K gold. The sculpted forms, the shadows, and the beveled frames are nothing but a 3-D illusion created with millions of dots in the gold and surrounding steel. The background is not relieved, nor is there any measurable depth at all otherwise. The surface of the metal is as flat as your computer screen. A trompe l'oeil in miniature, or a highly detailed pointillist painting in metal, if you will. I had about 3500 hrs in the whole thing over the course of 3 yrs (I didn't keep very close track of time toward the end- it was getting kind of depressing!) This faux-relief scroll, or "flying leaf & vine" (why settle for 'running leaf & vine', when it can fly?), is my own exclusive invention, developed over many years of study and practice. To my knowledge, I am the only engraver in the world working in this demanding style.


352 Angeline Drive, Mills River, NC 28759

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