MRM Engraving

This is a collection of charcoal (positive) and smoke (negative) impressions of lettering and miscellaneous ornament pulled directly from various engraving projects over the last 25 years or so. Along with a pair of pencil sketches, they were photographed from my design notebooks. For the most part they are not reproduced to scale, generally appearing larger than actual size. (Please note: To keep file sizes manageable, these are fairly low-resolution images. Better quality images are available upon request.)


A pair of monograms. The first in Old English, framed with fine English scrollwork & heavy cut border. The second is in a stylized shaded script with drop shadows.

These are a pair of engraved 18kt gold lockplate escutcheons for custom display cases.

The first is a family crest engraved in a steel medallion. While not obvious in a black & white photo, the helmet, shield border, & ribbon are inlaid in 24kt gold. Note the small size and detail of the Old English lettering. The second is a stylized leaf ornament engraved on the stainless steel bolster of a gentleman's small folding knife.


These two are from modern recreations of flintlock rifles. Mark Silver is one of the world's premier artists in the field of building & restoring museum-grade muzzleloading rifles, shotguns and pistols.


The first is a monogram done for a bride (Leslie) as a gift to her new husband (Charles). Note the use of the masculine "C" with the feminine "L". The second is a monogram engraved on a 14kt gold card case (and is shown roughly actual size).


These two are pencil drawings. The monogram was for an 8mm platinum man's band (I also filed an elliptical flat on the ring as a platform for the engraving). The rosette is a design for relief-sculpted decorative escutcheons. This was actually engraved on a graphite electrode, which was then- by EDM process- used to create an embossing die to press the finished articles.


These prints are from a gun built in the style of a circa-1880's "Schuetzen" type long-range, single-shot target rifle. The first two are from the sides of the main receiver body- lettering is Old English with drop shadows. The third is of three adjacent facets of the octagonal barrel.



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