MRM Engraving

Pair of resin castings from an exquisite Hi-wall Winchester. These feature four highly complex relief sculpted leaf forms (which were actually inlaid in steel, not gold). Please note that while they appear similar, they are all significantly different from one another- not only the overall designs, but virtually every element comprising each leaf. These four raised inlays demonstrate literally dozens of variations on contours, curves, transitions, and other details- a veritable self-contained catalog for students of relief sculpting! There are no better, more finely detailed examples of this style to be found anywhere. As an added bonus, these castings also exhibit excellent vignettes of Fine English Scroll, as well as Old English lettering with drop shadows, nick-&-dot borders, and a rosette engraved in the style of the late Lynton McKenzie. $50.00

gun casting


Resin casting of matching pendant & earrings. And excellent study piece
for those interested in the finest relief sculpted leaf forms. $25.00

gun casting 02

Please note: Due to mold life, castings will be available in limited quantities!




Until I'm able to set up a retail storefront for ordering directly through this site, please send an email listing what you want to purchase and I'll calculate the total with shipping and get right back to you. At that point, you can choose to either send a check, or request a PayPal invoice that can be paid by credit card. (Note: you do NOT need a PayPal account to make a payment thru their service.)




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